If someone thinks of visiting Massada without hiring a tour guide, it will be a waste of time. Hiring a tour guide is not as expensive as many would be made to believe. In fact, it is quite affordable, considering that your guide will be there every step of the way. I believe that the reason why most people visit places like Massada is so that they get to experience what famous people of the past experienced; for instance how they lived and what their culture was. A tour guide will explain all the details to you in a professional and informative manner.

My experience at Massada was amazing from the beginning as I decided to hire a tour guide. I had studied about the Dead Sea and was very excited to see it. What I studied or heard about the place was almost nothing, compared to the deep knowledge of our guide. He told us that the there are 340mg of salt to every liter of seawater. It is 417 meters below sea level and its evaporation rate exceed its filling rate of water.

After the Dead Sea we went to Ein Gedi which has a very nice track for walking and a lovely waterfall area where we could cool down after the heat and sweating of the previous climb. Our tour guide was informative; he told us stories about his life/limitations and shared some experiences of his 15 years career as a professional tour operator. No doubt the day was great, where we all learnt things and learned about life in the desert.

Gold Carpet guide was so friendly and entertaining and it was only because of him that we understood the culture and tradition of Israel. Tours of Massada are absolutely breathtaking. The places you will see will forever be engraved in your memory. This is a tour I would recommend everyone to take.